A downloadable tool for Windows

A simple tool for building/testing shaders in a DX12 environment. Works similarly to Shadertoy/etc.

Predefined values:

(Mouse buttons do not work yet)

#define MS_None   = 0
#define MS_Left   = 1
#define MS_Middle = 2
#define MS_Right  = 4
#define MS_X1     = 8
#define MS_X2     = 16
cbuffer CBFrameValues : register(b0)
    uint4 Mouse; //x, y, mouse state (bit flags of MouseState), scroll value
    uint2 Resolution; //in pixels
    float AspectRatio;
    float Time; //in seconds
#define MAX_TEXTURES 32
Texture2D Textures[MAX_TEXTURES];
sampler SLinearClamp = sampler_state
    addressU = Clamp;
    addressV = Clamp;
    mipfilter = NONE;
    minfilter = LINEAR;
    magfilter = LINEAR;

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tagsdirectx, hlsl, shaders

Install instructions

Contains a 64 bit executable. Please comment if there are any issues


Shader Test.zip 2 MB